How much gas do ya have?

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I agree with Buttas, the Jack Daniels thing is worn the fuck out!!! Still a cool idea for a gas site gage.


Movin’ On

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Thought maybe it was about time for an update and maybe even something different. I don’t want anyone thinking I’ve died or anything like that. Because this thing was originally started to chronicle the build of my bike, I’ll start out with an updated pic of it.

Sometimes you don’t have to say anything, just wear the BADGE with pride.

Favorite Pics

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Natti and Haley walking in Colson Canyon

No one appreciates the very special genius of your conversation as your dog does.

Janice and the girls “Into the Wild”

He is your friend, your partner, your defender, your dog. You are his life, his love, his leader. He will be yours, faithful and true, to the last beat of his heart. You owe it to him to be worthy of such devotion.

Janice and Justin’s dog Kahlua “A Ride in the Country”

Man is troubled by what may be called the “Dog Wish”, a strange and involved compulsion to be as happy and carefree as a dog.

Natti posing in the bedroom (sorry guys this is a family site)

Janice hamming it up.

Dogs make a house a home

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2 pretty girls

Natti and Isis: 2 pretty girls

This is Natti, my wife. I love her because she let me have a motorcycle. I had another reason, but she made me take it out.

She loves me because………. Hell, I don’t know. Maybe I should just count my lucky stars and not look a gift horse in the mouth.

She’s also a pretty darned good cook and an absolutely tireless re-decorator

Isis: AKA Bunso AKA Tugboat

We fell in love with her the instant we first saw her.

She talks too much, but she is my best friend. Her name is from a Bob Dylan song of the same name. Natti and I are both hopeless Dylan fans.

1500 miligrams of antidepressant


This little guy is a real character. The world is his playground, and he takes full advantage.

Don’t let him get started with Tug-O-War, he’ll never let you stop!

We got Seamus’ name from a Pink Floyd song of the same name from the Meddle album.

You could overdose on this brand of antidepressant.

Haley: AKA Princess, AKA Brat

Haley is our watchdog. Always serious, she worries about everything.

She keeps an ever vigilant watch over the neighborhood from her perch on the front window seat.

She thinks it’s her duty to keep Seamus in line, but she didn’t stop him from de-stuffing the cushion to the living room sofa. If I had to wager a bet, my money says she helped him.

Natti and Janice suggested naming her Halle (as in Halle Berry) I said “Hell No!”, but I would consider Haley (as in the comet), so it came to be.

She is the one that got this dog thing started.

1000miligrams of antidepressant

In case you are wondering, this antidepressant thing came about when Natti was having bouts with anxiety. We thought we were about to loose Natti’s mom and Natti had been out of work and home alone for nearly two years. She calls me up at work one day and says, “I want to get a puppy”. Now you have to understand that Natti was not a dog person. Simply put, she said, “I don’t want a dog in my house.”

Well, we picked up Haley from one of the local animal shelters at 8 weeks old. I figured that one or two poops on the rug and it would be back to the pound. How wrong I was! Natti was in love. I fell to third place after the dog and her daughter, Janice. Natti’s anxiety and depression vanished, and she started calling Haley 1000 milligrams of antidepressant. Then when we got Isis, so funny and so cute, she became 1500 milligrams. Seamus, he’s too much…. you really could overdose!

Sportsters Fuckin Rule!

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Hardlydangerous is:
Jay Keeland
Santa Maria, California
Poster Child for Sporster Choppin Bastard wanna be
Proud to be a “Sporster Choppin Bastard”

Started cutting this thing up late last summer. It’s slow going because I’m Fucking slow. I’m also trying to do this on a shoestring budget.

Finally got Mama to pose with the bike!

First real hack job...exchanged shocks for struts and carved up the fender.

This mod cost me about $10 mostly for LEDs for the tail light. Well, a little for paint too. The struts cost a bit more, but still keeping it on the cheap.

Seamus keeps a close watch on my camcover chop and reassembly.

Janice was getting ready to go to a friend’s wedding and looked amazing. I asked her to dress up dads bike. How does that ol Sporty look now??

Found an old microscope camera on a rack marked “scrap” at work with a quarter inch thick finned cover. I took the cover off and cut it up on the band saw to make an ignition cover for the Sporty.

Got a bare bones seat pan from E-Gay, padded it with carpet foam and cut up an old Navy flight jacket for the leather. Stuck it all together with spray contact adhesive.

And stitched it up. It looks a bit ragged, but that’s OK, cause I’m a bit ragged myself. I had a tiny lil’ Justified Defiance seat on her before, and let me tell ya, this is much kinder to the Okole.

I bought bar risers from Bastard OneRigidRider. To use them, I had to either move the speedo or cut a huge ditch across the top of my tank. Decided to relocate the speedo. Cut a bracket from 3/8″ aluminum and mounted it under the eyebrow mount.

Then mounted speedo on the bracket right over the headlight (upsidedown in the horizontal plane).

I say shit like that cause I’m presently going to school to learn how to design parts and assemblies with Solidworks.

Now it’s time to get rid of some excess wiring. I’ll relocate the coil, starter button and ignition switch and get rid of turn signal wires.

Moved the ignition switch and starter button to a bracket I welded onto the bottom of the battery box. The coil will go between the cylinders when I have time to make another bracket. Really cleans up under the front of the tank and there are zero wires on the handlebars now.

Still room on the bracket for some other shit, but don’t know what it may be as of right now.

Took a ride out Foxen Canyon Road found a photo op.

When I bought this bike, the idea was to cut it up and make it my own. What I’ve done up till now was just trimming. This time, I’ve gone and done it. No choice now but to get a real hardtail welded on. Stay tuned.

Took my frame down to Elswick Cycles for a little hardtail love. Just got it back, and it looks about perfect! Robert Elswick is a first rate craftsman and a hell of a good guy. If you’re looking to have mods made to your bike, I highly recommend him. He can be reached at

Buttery smooth welds

He did a masterful job of fitting the stock caliper.

If you’re gonna drink beer, DRINK GOOD BEER!!!!